2D Animations

Cultural Sensitivity, Inbound Marketing & Inspiring Individuals

Every new block of studying International Communication, I’m confronted with a new client, a new task and a new challenge. Based on my research and analytical skills I come up with concepts for communication products. One of my passions is to connect storytelling with engaging 2D Animations. I strongly believe that it is much easier to bring across a message with images rather than using only text.

2D Animation created during my fourth year elective ‘Media Tools’. I chose to tell the fascinating story about Bob Ross in a 2D Animation – Documentary style.
2D Animation made for the client ‘Tjeerd Veenhoven’ during my minor ‘Brand, Design & Psychology’. Take part in the journey of the ‘PalmRug’.
2D Animation about Cultural Sensitivity created during my second year of studying International Communication.
2D Animation about the trend of Inbound Marketing which I created during my first year of studying International Communication.