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2D Animations

How to combine my passion for storytelling and writing with creating communication products for my projects? You guessed it, with engaging 2D Animations!

Personas / Infographics

Following the Posters created for the possible Mental Health Campaign, I created correlating Infographics. Here you can also find Personas and Infographics for other interesting projects!


Take a look at the posters I created for a possible Mental Health Campaign. The ideas are based on the famous story of Alice in Wonderland, which sparked my inspiration to follow the rabbit through his journey of overcoming myths surrounding the topics of this imaginary campaign.

Blog Posts

Hungry for more content? Check out blog posts about label trends and the buzz of the bees which I wrote during my internship!


Humor and Storytelling can be expressed in many ways to reach a broader audience. My choice of format hereby were comics, portraying myself as the main character.


Images are processed much faster by the brain than text. If you’re interested in how to present the USP’s of a company in a creative and fun Image – Movie have a look at my newest creation!